Copper Watering Can "MINKAR"

Die neue KLEINE 3 LITER Gießkanne aus reinem Kupfer. Der Ausgußabschluß ist schräg, für einen besonderen Wasserdrall.

Copper Watering Can "MINKAR", Order No. 402 » Shopping cart

Gewicht 0,9 kg
Höhe 28 cm mit Haltebügel / Ø 15 cm / Breite mit Ausguß 48 cm

The spout is beveled, for a special water swirl. Precise casting in pots or planting soil. A gorgeous, practical and meaningful (antibacterial) piece of jewelry for your patio or garden.
There is a long tradition of improving the quality of water by bringing it into contact with copper.

OUTSIDE IN WINTER will freeze the water in the watering can. This leads to the bulge, the tightness can no longer be granted!

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