Garden Hoe "POLUX long"

For precision work in your garden, without having to bend over
Massive copper alloy, limewood shaft

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length 150 cm
width 20 cm
height 7,5 cm
weight 520 g

We use this tool for hoeing on the onion bed, or for working in other closely-planted areas. We find the single prong is particularly useful with well-worked or stony soil. (For more compacted soil, we would use the Phoenix). It is strong, lightweight and flexible, allowing good reach.

Why Copper Garden Tools?

  • Copper gardening tools enrich the soils with coppertrace elements and thereby provide plants with essential nutrients
  • They are hardwearing and will last for years
  • Stay free of rust  – but age with a graceful bronze patina, perfect for the coastal gardener
  • They have sharp edges
  • They have an incomparably longer lifespan than devices from iron
  • Viktor Schauberger came to the assessment that cultivating the soil with copper implements would be more beneficial to the Earth and lead to healthier plants. In his writings, he listed several reasons for this.
  • Minute amounts of copper create the conditions for beneficial micro-organisms
  • Penetrate the soil easily -low coefficient of friction- less tendency for clay to cling to the tool
  • Copper is not magnetic - so does not disrupt the electrical fields in the soil
  • Can be kept sharp with a whetstone, file or by peening (hammering the edge against a steel anvil)
  • Production experience since 20 years. Quality confirmed by enthusiastic gardeners.

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