Son of Viktor Schauberger, Walter Schauberger

Dipl. Ing. Walter Schauberger (1914-1994)

INTERVIEW mit seiner Frau Ingeboerg Schauberger



Born on July 26th in Steyerling / Kirchdorf in Upper Austria.

Attended Grammar-School in Vienna.

Technical College (Munich, Stuttgart, Breslau).Graduated from Technical College in Breslau, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, subject area: Electrical Engineering.

Assistant Professor at Breslau Technical College.

June to October - research assignment (Nuremberg-Dresden): "Water Capillary Research" ("Wasserfadenversuch") for his father Viktor Schauberger.

Military service (war-disabled, amputation of one leg in September 1939)

IEngineers corps of the Luftwaffe; Reichs-Luftfahrts-Ministry, Berlin. 1944/45 Evacuation of his family to Bad Ischl.

Residence in Engleithen (Villa Rothstein) near Bad Ischl.

Severe illness (myelitis). Growing interest in "modern" physics (especially in the theories of Planck and Einstein and the possibilities of the use of nuclear energy). Retraces his father's ideas and principles. Deepening of comprehension of nature and its biological structure (in contrast to the theories taught at the Technical College: "...and forget above all what you have been taught at university", quote Viktor Schauberger.)

Foundation of the "Green Fronteer" (Grüne Front), the first environmental organization in Austria (motto: "Make the Earth fertile again." - "We must protect nature from the human being")

First contact with Richard St. Barbe-Baker, founder of the society "Men of the Trees" in England, who endeavoured to stop overfelling and overexploitation of the colonies.

Visit to England, intensified contact with ecologists and physics (i.e. Chatwick)

Series of lectures in Austria, together with Baker (topic: "Forest and Water"). Co-operation with "Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald" (Germany partially paid its reparations by bartering with timber, especially to France.) As a result, the "Schutzgemeinschaft" had been founded in order to counter overfelling of forests. First "Day of the Tree" in Austria, later to become "Week of the Forest".

Lecture at a conference of the "Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald" in Kaiserslautern.

Patent on "Apparatus for soil cultivation made of copper" (with Daniel Swarovski, Wattens, Tyrol). Marriage to Ingeborg Wessely.

1957 Reading of a seminar paper at the annual conference of the "Schutzgemeinschaft" in Munich. Additional patent on agricultural tools.

Visit to Texas, America, together with his father Viktor Schauberger for further research and possible application of their "implosive technology". Return to Austria, forced to leave behind all documents, models and equipment. Five days after their return, Viktor Schauberger dies September 25th in Linz in Upper Austria. Walter Schauberger decides to uphold and maintain his father's legacy.

Contacted Aloys Kokaly, former collaborator of his father. Foundation of the "Biotechnical Academy" at his instignation (headquarters in Neviges, Wuppertal, Germany).

Beginning of "Biotechnological Courses" in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

First edition of the periodical "Implosion", published by A. Kokaly.Invitation by the Protestant Forestry Academy in Arnoldshain/Taunus, lecture on "An Austrian's point of view of the forest".

Patent on "Reaction chambers for physical or/and chemical processes" (egg-shaped reaction vessel for air filtration). 1966 Patent on a biological method of water purification - "whirlpool-like swirl technique".

Experiments concerning the treatment of water in Hamburg (water works). During the 1960's, further experiments with and development of models of apparatus (mainly egg-shaped and with hyperbolic cross-section) for treatment of water, exhaust fumes filtration, quality increase of various fluid and gaseous matter, lighting appliances.

1970's Foundation of the PKS (Pythagoras Kepler School) in Bad Ischl/Engleithen. Main focus on researching harmonic theories (Monochord), Physics (Nuclear Physics) and Mathematics (prime numbers). Conception of a Non-Euclidian Geometry "Tönender Turm" (Sounding Tower, plane section of a hyperbolic cone: egg-shapes). Drawing up of the "NaturTon-Gesetz" (Tonal Order of Nature).

Walter Schauberger dies February 5th in Bad Ischl/Engleithen (Villa Rothstein).
Walter's children:
Tilman Schauberger (1944 - 1994)
Dagmar Schauberger (* 1946)
Jörg Schauberger (* 1954)

Die Natur kapieren und kopieren
PKS (Pythagoras-Kepler-Schule)
Ingeborg Schauberger
Sohn von Ingeborg und Walter Schauberger, Jörg Schauberger

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